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The Average Business Owner is Wasting Time & Money, Doing Marketing That Just Doesn't Work
Is that you... right now? Tired of wasting money running ads that aren't working for your business and learning everything the hard way.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many Business owners, agencies and entrepreneurs trying to run online ads. You're stuck in a cycle of buying online courses and paying agencies only to have them promise you the world and ultimately fail time and time again....

I've done most of the Facebook Ads courses...

 (All the top ones anyway... They all teach the same thing... How to set up Ads/Ad manager...  but none of them actually explain to you HOW the system works & how to actually leverage the system in your favor)

Back in the day there were 3 main ways business owners would approach advertising their business. First, there was radio ads. You'd contact your local radio station and buy some airtime so you can get those deals!

Next, you have billboards. Drive around town and see if you like any of the billboard locations then call and find out pricing. These calls can be nerve wracking, like a first date, especially knowing they have at least 2-3 other businesses lined up and you don't even know if it'll work for you. Talk about risky.

Finally, you could buy commercial ads on TV.... These ads can be a huge waste of time and money. It's nearly impossible to track and is nowhere near as effective as online advertising.

Paying for Useless Radio and TV Ads Is a Thing of the Past
Do you have the income from your business that you would like?

The biggest challenge Business Owners have is generating more leads and sales. Many people are paying for useless online courses or hiring agencies for their online advertising needs. Most agencies are working on dozens of clients at a time and don't care about you..... & 99% of them literally have no idea what they are doing!

  What a waste! 

Facebook is a Gold Mine of Quality Customers Waiting For Someone To Help Them...

You've used Facebook for all kinds of personal reasons - sharing your kids' photos, bragging about your spouse, and keeping up with your best friends from high school. Those are fun things to do while you ALSO take advantage of the business side.
Getting started with Facebook Ads can be really intimidating. The Ads Manager has a billion options and if you aren't careful your money will poof and disappear... 
You can copy our BEST Facebook Campaigns & Strategies

You Can Copy Our Best Facebook Campaigns for Your Business
Swipe and adapt is sooo much faster and easier than going through the years and $$$$$ of dollars we've spent to figure out what works to get a ton of quality customers. In other words, we will hand you the exact formula.
And this is why I created the exclusive marketing community called the 10kClub 
Here are some of the most common
Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Whats the cost of the 10k Community?

A: €65 Per Month! 

 Q: Is this taught live or recorded?

A: Both! All the training material is recorded in a private membership Facebook group you'll get 24/7 access to so you can go at your own pace through the material. There is also a 7 Hour program online which will be updated on a monthly basis ensuring you stay at the forefront of the ever changing digital world! We also hold live Q&A's & Phone Training!

 Q: Do I have access to the training for a certain amount of time?

A: You have access to our training site, support group, weekly calls & live events for as long as you remain a member. Membership is month to month, you can cancel any time.

 Q: Are there any on-going charges?

A: Yes it is a monthly membership. You can cancel anytime, no contracts or hassles.

 Q: Can I get One-on-One help?

A: Yes, we have weekly live Q&A calls so you can get any specific issues handled. You can also post anytime, 24/7 in the private Facebook Group

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